About Us

Team 857 Superior Roboworks is a team that participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). We are the first and oldest FRC team in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are based out of Houghton High School, but accept students from anywhere in the Copper County Intermediate School District (CCISD).

We are the successor of Team 221 MI Roboworks. Our robots are named after Francois Castaing.


Name: Francois XXI

Game: Infinite Recharge

Status: Under construction



Name: Francois XX

Game: Destination: Deep Space

Status: Programming test chassis

This robot could score Hatch Panels on the Cargo Ship and first and second levels of the Rocket using Velcro and pneumatic poppers. It could climb to Level 2 of the HAB using pneumatically actuated legs.



Name: Francois XIX


Reveal Video; Ramp Video 1; Ramp Video 2

This robot had an articulating intake with compliant wheels to grab the Power Cubes from the floor, a two-stage elevator to lift them to the Scale, and a pair of ramps (“wings”) which other robots could drive up and then be jacked up to earn the climb points.


2017 robot

Name: Francois XVIII


Climber Video

This robot had a large sloped ramp to receive Gears from the loading station, an active gear release mechanism to put gears on the peg, and a gear floor pickup that used a brush to stab the center of the Gear. It used a winch drum with bolts to grab the rope knot and used a pair of ratcheting wrenches to keep from slipping down.


857 2016 robot

Name: Francois XVII

GameFIRST Stronghold

Status: Turned into a parade robot, operational

Using its tank tracks, this robot could cross the Low Bar, Category A and D defenses, the Moat, and could open the Category C defenses for other robots. Could also score boulders into the low goal, and possibly into the high goal.



Name: Francois XVI

Game: Recycle Rush

This robot could build one capped and noodled six-stack from the human player station, score co-op on the step, and cap other stacks. Finished as finalist as Escanaba, and earned trips to MSC and the Championship in St. Louis. We were the #6 alliance captain in the Archimedes sub-division.


Name: Francois XV

Game: Aerial Assist

Status: Intact, operational

Reveal Video

This robot could score truss shots, high goals, and low goals, with a reliable 1-ball high goal autonomous routine. Finished as finalist as Traverse City, earned a trip to the Michigan State Championship and our first qualification for the Championship in St. Louis.


Name: Francois XIV

Game: Ultimate Ascent

Status: Partially intact (climber removed), operational

This robot could score two-point goals with a high success rate and climb one level of the pyramid for ten points. Earned us our first trip to the Michigan State Championship.


Name: Francois XIII

Game: Rebound Rumble


Name: Francois XII

Game: Logomotion


Name: Francois XI

Game: Breakaway


Name: Francois X

Game: Lunacy


Name: Francois IX

Game: FIRST Overdrive


2007 robot

Name: Francois VIII

Game: Rack ‘N’ Roll


2006-Francois VII

Name: Francois VII

Game: Aim High


Name: Francois VI

Game: Triple Play


Name: Francois V

Game: FIRST Frenzy: Raising the Bar


2003 - Nationals 2

Name: Francois IV

Game: Stack Attack


2002-857 pic

Name: Francois III

Game: Zone Zeal

The team’s inaugural robot as 857, it featured a Kiwi drive controlled by a unique joystick mechanism.


The earlier Francois robots are from when our team was Team 221.